We would like to inform you about Master Box new kit of September-October 2022 . The Kit opens the series of the Russian-Ukrainian war in 1/24 scale.

The choice of 1/24 scale is due to the growing popularity of this scale among the modellers who focus on figures. This scale allows the manufacturer to make a much more detailed figure than in 1/35 scale, on the other hand, this allows the modeller to make a figure with a special sophistication.

The kit represents a moulded sprue with the parts for assembling one figure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fighter. The fighter is made in winter uniform for March 2022, during the most difficult and, at the same time, the most successful battles for Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The figure of the soldier is made in a free pose, with a hand raised in a characteristic “victory” gesture.

Two options of weapons and ammunition are offered for the modeller: the figure can be made with a Kalashnikov automatic rifle, or with an assault rifle.

The figure is made at a high artistic level and it represents a very high-level sculptural miniature.

Best regards,

Master Box Team

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