Estnisches Luftfahrt Museum Tartu (ehem. Dorpat)
Eesti Lennundusmuuseum

"In two buildings of the museum, on about a 450 m2 exposition area, one can see about 400 high-quality kits of the aircrafts essential from the point of view of the aviation history.

On the open exposition field there are helicopters Mi-2 (obtained from Polish Air Forces) and Mi-8 (obtained from the Estonian Border Guard Aviation Group), a prop "Wilga"-35 (obtained from the Estonian Defence League), a training aircraft TS-11 "Iskra", an attack-fighter Su-22M4, a fighter MiG-21 (all three obtained from Polish Air Forces), a fighter JA Viggen 37 (obtained from Swedish Air Forces Museum), a fighter Mirage IIIRS (obtained from Swiss Air Forces), a fighter MiG23 MLD,an attack aircraft Su-24 and a training-study aircraft L-39 (obtained from Ukrainian Air Forces), passanger aircraft Tu-134A (obtained from AS Tallinn Airport) and An-2 (bought from Latvia)." (Text:

Detlef Billig, Juli 2009

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