Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4

Special Hobby SH72439 - Preview - 1/72

Dear customers and friends,
we are very happy to announce that the sprues for our Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 (SH72439) have finally arrived. Attached you will find high quality pictures where you can see all the incredible details. The kit will be available starting next week

Your Special Hobby team

  SH_Bf109E_01 SH_Bf109E_02 SH_Bf109E_03 SH_Bf109E_04  

  SH_Bf109E_05 SH_Bf109E_06 SH_Bf109E_07 SH_Bf109E_08  

  SH_Bf109E_09 SH_Bf109E_10 SH_Bf109E_11 SH_Bf109E_12  

  SH_Bf109E_13 SH_Bf109E_14 SH_Bf109E_15 SH_Bf109E_16  

  SH_Bf109E_17 SH_Bf109E_18 SH_Bf109E_19 SH_Bf109E_cover