Masterbox News - Januar Februar 2017


We would like to inform you about our new kits of January-February 2017

35190 "Crossroad, Eastern Front, WWII era" - the kit relates to the WWII era and consists of 5 figures. The figures are divided into two groups that, nevertheless, form the single story that is rather dynamic and even dramatic. One group includes two figures of Soviet scouts that captured German officer and concealed risking to be revealed by German patrol, and the other group includes two figures of German motorcyclists that are patrolling and are trying to detect what alerted them after having detected something suspicious. The story of the kit is very emotional, the tension is felt greatly in the figures and the spectator does not know how this situation will be solved.

We would like to emphasize that the kit is remake of old kit 3572 "Crossroad” and it differs from the previous kit by a new illustration, a new design of the box and, what is the most essential, by absence of the parts for the assembly of the motorcycle in the kit, only figures are offered. It does a new version of the kit considerably more reasonable at price, and sufficient variety of models of motorcycles of various manufacturers on the market will not create problems for the modeller in search of appropriate model of the motorcycle. The figures are animated very well, they interact with each other greatly, however, despite the fact that the figures are united by the single story, they can be used not only in the view that is offered by the manufacturer, but also separately, in any combination, at modeller’s choice. The kit is performed in 1/35 scale.

24011 "World of Fantasy. This is my land!" - the kit continues the series of the figures in 1/24 scale performed in Fantasy style that is popular now and it represents the kit of parts for making 3 figures: figure of giant, figure of gnome and figure of girl-warrior. The kit is filled with bright emotion, the figures are united by the single story, they are animated very well and interact with each other greatly. The kit is performed in 1/24 scale.


24014 "World of Fantasy. Giant. Bergtroll"

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